Software engineer with solid background on developing complex software applications.
Specialized in Web development and constantly learning new technologies.

Always thrilled to solve new software puzzles and difficult challenges.


Key Skills


Excellent knowledge of Prototype-based programming and several frontend libraries and frameworks like ReactJS


Excellent knowledge with the whole ecosystem having deep experience with various tools and frameworks.


Solid experience using Object Oriented programming and modern web application frameworks.

Web Development

Deep understanding and experience of standard web technologies like AJAX, REST, SOA, JSON and XML

SAP Systems

Very good knowledge of frontend development with SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori and backend with SAP HANA XS.

• Good knowledge of SQL language with significant experience on MySQL. Solid NoSQL experience with MongoDB.
• Very familiar with Test Driven Development.
• Agile software development experience with methodologies like Scrum and Kanban.



Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia at Serres, Greece
BSc Degree, Informatics & Communications