Trends of IT skills in Greece and abroad

The need for professional software engineers to have a portfolio of knowledge that corresponds as closely as possible to the needs of the labor market is the biggest nowadays than ever. For this reason it is important for the professional to know the requirements of the employers as both as the trends created in regard to required skills and knowledge in new technologies.

My BSc thesis, which i created under supervision from Dr. Nicholaos Petalidis, had subject “Data mining on labor market of IT sector” and concerned the development of an application as a Web Service which:

  • searches and extracts from popular advertising websites the skills and technologies that employers are looking for
  • classifies skills sought (for example, a requirement knowledge for SQL Server is part of the general category of Databases)
  • generates useful statistics about the results, as the trends prevailing per category or per time period
  • provides statistical data to the public via a RESTful API

I have created the website Trendy Skills in order to provide to the public the data being gathered all this time.
You can either search per category (eg  top 10 “Programming Languages”) or compare two or more specific keywords (eg “C#” and “Java”).
You can also see the popularity for a single keyword in a date range.

The data can be also accessed via an API but i have not made it public yet.

I hope you find it useful and it gives you a little aspect of the skills that employers seek in this sector!


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